Architectural Design & Documentation Services

APS renders professional services in connection with the design & documentation of Residential building, Commercial building, Retail building, School, Institutional buildings and also their respective built environments.

Building Permission & Liasoning Services

APS is capable of getting building permissions, by preparing drawings necessary for statutory approvals and ensure compliance with codes, standards and legislation, as applicable and is resourceful enough in obtaining the statutory approvals thereof, if required.

Interior Designing & Contracting

APS provides professional services in connection with the Interior designing & contracting of any given space. It includes site inspections, programming, conceptual space planning, design and development, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, and execution of the design.

Project Management Services

APS collaborates with PMC Project Management services for Building construction and execution process like Coordination of M.E.P. details in conjunction with Architectural details, contractors appointment, supervision on other construction stages, logistics and administration etc.

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