Corporate Office: Catex Overseas Imp. Exp. Pvt. Ltd.

At APS Design studio we work hard to protect our clients believe in us & the trust they show in us by assigning any project to us, no matter what type or scale the project is . First we will understand the clients basic and future needs with associated long term agenda, henceforth we shall work hard to make concept proposal for transforming aforesaid abstract ideas into inspired work spaces.

This New Office design project demanded for full office design and executions for an area of 3500 sq. ft. built up. As required by our client, We started with working out a partially open plan office with cabins to create the required hierarchy in modern and wooden look. Key area was the reception and small lounge area, the focus was to create a beautiful welcoming space to ensure visitors felt comfortable.


PROJECT NAME - Corporate office for Catex Overseas Imp. Exp. Pvt. Ltd.

LOCATION - Malad, Mumbai

PROJECT TYPES - Corporate office interior design

PLOT SIZE - 325 sq. meters



STYLE - Contemporary

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